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Environmental Management

Our Efforts on Environment

The management philosophy of Otomo Logistics Service Co., Ltd. is to continuously improve the network operation system to contribute widely to society as a component procurement infrastructure company which supports Japan’s manufacturing industries, including the automotive, construction machine and industrial machine component industries.
We make efforts to promote business activities considering environmental harmony, regarding responding to environmental problems as the highest priority issue.
For environment preservation, we make the best use of our inventiveness technically and economically for a reduction in NOX and PM emitted from the vehicles used for transport, reduction of cross transport as well as transport of cargos loaded only either during outward or homeward transport, and consolidated junction distribution.
To realize our environmental policy, we set “environmental goals” focusing on aspects which significantly impact the environment and establish an environmental management system for the reduction of continuous environmental load to carry out activities based on the following course of action:

  • To identify environmental aspects related to our business activities to prevent environmental pollution as well as to promote the environmental management system based on green management for continuous improvement.
  • To establish voluntary management standards to observe laws, regulations, ordinances and agreements related to the environment for environmental preservation.
  • To promote recycling toward the minimization of industrial wastes.
  • To utilize light oil as well as energies such as electricity and water effectively to make active efforts on energy and resource savings.
  • To prevent the leakage of environmental pollutants such as NOX, PM and waste oil as part of efforts to prevent pollution as well as to reduce use.
  • To set environmental goals to ensure the implementation of the above and conduct a review periodically or depending on changes in situation.
  • To disseminate this environmental policy not only to all employees to raise their awareness, but also to related customers to ask for understanding and cooperation because it shows our responsibility to society. This environmental policy is disclosed upon request from outside the company and as needed.
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