Otomo Logistics Service Co., Ltd. achieves superior cost-effectiveness through consolidated transport


History of Our Business


Takizo Tomono started a private business as Tomono Group Marine Transportation Company
July 1963 Switched to overland transportation business with the economic development after the Pacific War, and expanded and incorporated the business as Ohtomo Unsou Co., Ltd. in July 1963
January 1964 Established Nagoya Ohtomo Unsou Co., Ltd. in January and Osaka Ohtomo Unsou Co., Ltd. in February to meet the transport demand in wider areas
April 1965 Established Yokohama Ohtomo Unsou Co., Ltd. as an affiliated company
The high-growth period of the Showa period Operated bicycle and motorcycle component business
March 1983 Acquired business license of Takemura Transport in Fukuoka as Kyushu Ohtomo Unsou Co., Ltd.
In the later Showa period Also operated automotive component business
At the beginning of the Heisei period Garment-on-Hanger transport and components became the main business
November 1996 Merged the corporations into the present Ohtomo Unsou Co., Ltd. to conduct business nationwide
In the middle of the Heisei period Focused on the procurement logistics of construction and industrial equipment components
Present Enhancing the warehousing and related businesses, focusing on automotive as well as construction and industrial equipment components


October 2010 Relocated Gunma Branch
April 2011 Opened Okayama Branch
August 2011 Opened Tsuchiura Branch
Relocated Komatsu Branch
Opened Sagamihara Logistic Center
July 2012 Opened Isesaki Logistic Center
Relocated Komaki Branch
October 2012 Opened Kobe Branch
Opened Hitachinaka Logistic Center
Relocated Hitachinaka Branch
Relocated the Head Office
Relocated Atsugi Branch
May 2013 Opened Koga Branch
August 2013 Opened Kitakami Branch
Opened Sendai Branch
November 2013 Opened Chiba Branch
December 2013 Opened Toyohashi Branch
January 2014 Integrated Matsudo Branch with Chiba Branch and Relocated the integrated office
April 2014 Received the special award from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Sagamihara Logistic Center received the special award from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. because of its contribution to a significant reduction in logistics costs
September 2014 Opened Ota Logistic Center
February 2015 Increased the capital to 100 million yen
April 2015 Received the special award from Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
Received the special award from Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. because of our contribution to logistics improvement activities through expansion of procurement milk run
November 2015 Opened Hiroshima Itsukaichi Logistic Center
Opened Kyoto Branch Nagaokakyo Warehouse
Relocated Kyoto Branch
May 2016 Opened Chiba Logistic Center
Changed the name of Chiba Branch to Chiba North Warehouse
August 2016 Relocated Kazo Branch
Renamed to Saitama Branch
June 2017 Opened Shiga Branch
November 2018 Opened Tomei Atsugi Branch
December 2018 Opened Kobe Branch Second Warehouse

July 2019

 Relocated Koriyama  Branch
Renamed to Fukushima Branch
August 2019 Relocated Atsugi Branch
October 2019 The Atsugi Branch  Warehouse moved to Landport Atsugi
January 2020 Changed the company name to Otomo Logistics Service Co., Ltd.
Changed the names of some sales offices & logistics Center
The SagamiharaLC moved and changed to name of the Sagamihara Branch
March 2020
Opened Shiga Second Warehouse
Relocated Kyoto  Branch
May 2020 Relocated Kyoto Second Warehouse
January 2021 Relocated Sagamihara Second Warehouse
February 2021 Opened Higashihiroshima Branch
April 2021 Opened Gunma Second Warehouse
August 2021 Changed tha name of Tomei Atsugi Branch to Atsugi Branch Tomeiatsugi Warehouse
October 2021 Relocated Toyohashi Branch
Integrated Hiroshima Branch into Hiroshima Itsukaichi Branch
June 2022 Opened Sendai Second Warehouse
July 2022 Opened Kobe Mitsugaoka Warehouse
October 2022 Relocated Atsugi Branch
Changed the name of former Atsugi Branch to Atsugi First warehouse


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